Jetz Rewards


Gas up at Jetz and reap the rewards and savings!


You need gas. You like Jetz. Why not save money in the process?!


Every time JetzRewards members fill up at Jetz and use their JetzRewards loyalty tag, they earn 25 cents for every 5 gallons purchased good toward store purchases or 75 cents for every 5 gallons purchased good toward car wash purchases. Do you enjoy a great cup of coffee or other fine tasting hot beverage? at Jetz, buy 6 and get one of any size FREE! It's so easy at Jetz; simply pump, swipe and get Rewards! JetzRewards, one of the fastest and easiest Rewards programs on the planet! To sign up, simply visit your favorite Jetz Convenience Center.
Fill out a quick application. You will get a Rewarding key tag to take with you to swipe whenever you visit Jetz.


The savings really add up! Did you know, the average American spends more than $2,000 on gas every year.
Become a JetzRewards member and you could save as much as $200!

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Stay tuned… JetzRewards App in swift progress!