Save at Jetz with JetzRewards

At Jetz, we believe in rewards. We’re famous for them! Sign up for one of our cards or our rewarding tag and take advantage of exclusive offers at Jetz. Need a special gift quickly? JetzGift has you covered. How about this? Use your JetzRewards tag and instantly earn 25 cents for every 5 gallons you pump good toward Jetz store purchases or 75 cents for every 5 gallons pumped good toward Jetz car wash purchases. Here’s a hot deal! Use your JetzRewards tag and for every 6 coffees you buy, get 1 of any size free! Want to keep your car clean? When you buy our car wash cards, you are always rewarded with a free wash when you buy 5. Clearly Jetz rewards our customers in ways no one else can. That’s why we’ve earned the right to say, “Refresh at Jetz… We Reward!”

JetzRewards•Loyalty Tag

Earn 25₵ for every 5 gallons of fuel purchased for Jetz store purchases


Earn 75₵ for every  5 gallons of fuel  purchased for Jetz car wash purchases.


Buy six coffees and get one of any size FREE!



 Use Jetz gift cards to purchase fuel, car washes or store products at Jetz. Use your Jetz/Lyoness card to purchase Jetz gift cards and we will include additional savings!




Buy 5 car washes of like value on your JetzWash card and get 1 of the same value FREE!