Jetz and Lyoness – The Rewards keep growing!

Lyoness Rewards for Shoppers

How am I rewarded with the Jetz-Lyoness card?

JETZ_CA_12_Lyoness_FRONT_0115.jpgYou get cash back and shopping points with every purchase! When you sign up for the Jetz/Lyoness card you get cash back and shopping points at Jetz and your favorite merchants around the globe! Operating in 46 countries with more than 4 million shoppers and 40,000 participating merchants, Lyoness makes your next purchase more rewarding than ever! When you purchase JetzGift cards and scan your Lyoness card, you will get 1% cash back. Every time your gift card purchases total $150 you will get a Lyoness shopping point valued at $7.50 good toward Jetz car wash cards. In addition to Jetz, you will save with brands like Sears, Applebees, Office Depot, Longhorn Steak House, Home Depot and Olive Garden to name just a few. Jetz Convenience Centers is continuously bringing our customers the best in shopping rewards. We are proud to partner with Lyoness to help fulfill that commitment and promise.

How Does it Work?

It’s easy. Visit your local Jetz Convenience Center or email us to request a membership referral. All of our employess are members! When it’s time to get started, show your Lyoness cashback card at Jetz or any Lyoness Merchant prior to checkout, or shop online at to get cash back and shopping points with every purchase. Better yet, download the Lyoness app and be rewarded wherever and whenever you choose.

What do I get?

For every purchase made through Lyoness, you get  up to 5 percent cash back and shopping points added your Lyoness account. It gets even better.  Refer friends and family to Lyoness and earn a friendship bonus of .5 percent of the purchase value of their shopping through the Lyoness network. Should they refer their friends and family, you earn an additional friendship bonus of .5 percent deposited directly to your bank account. Your friends and family save money while you earn money. Now that’s rewarding! Finally, with every purchase made, Lyoness will make a donation to the Child and Family Foundation and Greenfinity ─ improving the world through shopping … Jetz and Lyoness!



Lyoness Rewards for Business Owners

Talk to us about becoming a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant just like Jetz Convenience Centers!

Are you a small or mid-sized business in need of a loyalty program? Talk to Jetz about becoming a Lyoness Loyalty Merchant. You will immediately have access to over 4 million potential new customers worldwide! Lyoness is the world’s largest shopping community. Nearly any business, big or small, can take advantage of this Rewarding loyalty program. Provide a fresh income stream for your business, bolster customer retention, build awareness for your business and help your customers shop while earning cash back instantly. You only pay for Lyoness when it brings you a customer.

Contact Jetz to see how your business can get started and to request a Business Marketing Package.

Customers are actively looking for Lyoness merchants. Contact us to get started with your new, Rewarding loyalty program today!

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Lyoness Solution Pack - SalesForce For Small Business

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