From the Desk of Bob O'Connor, President of Jetz Convenience Centers

Ethanol Blended Fuels Support Our Families, Friends and Neighbors

Why is Jetz Introducing E15, A New Blend of Ethanol Gasoline?

As a third generation petroleum marketer and convenience store operator who's company has been serving Milwaukee since 1957, I would like to discuss a new advanced and promising fuel known as E15 and why Jetz has decided to engage in this new offering.


Let's Start at the Beginning

What does E15 mean anyway? E stands for ethanol and the number beside it stands for the percent of ethanol in each gallon of gasoline. That means a gallon of E15 contains up to 15 percent of ethanol and 85 percent conventional gasoline. Current gasoline blends, which you are most likely consuming now, contain 10 percent ethanol and 90 percent conventional gasoline. This means E15 contains a small additional 5 percent of ethanol over what you are currently using.


When Did You Introduce E15, What Was Your Reason?

E15 made its historic Milwaukee, Wisconsin debut at Jetz Convenience Centers on November 18, 2016 at the corner of 70th street and Main street in Milwaukee. This introductory event was well attended by state, local and federal officials as well as industry leaders. Having dispensed millions of gallons of gasoline and other fuel types over the past several decades, I have a clear idea of what people want in a transportation fuel. Consumers continually seek a fuel which offers greater economy, more power and cleaner performance. Given a choice, most consumers would prefer to spend their hard earned money with local business, ensuring their dollars remain circulating within their own communities as opposed to being sent to foreign places.


Moving The Bar

I consider being involved in the introduction of E15 in my market as a testament to my career of nearly 30 years. By offering this new, advanced fuel I am able to move the bar forward not only for my company but for my entire industry as well. I am now able to offer a fuel with the qualities people have been requesting throughout my career. The words cheaper, powerful, cleaner and local ring through my ears nearly every day. I have always felt that if a business does what is "right" it will continue to grow and prosper. Jetz is clearly of this mindset.

By introducing E15, Jetz is clearly establishing itself as a concerned steward of our environment. Whether you believe in global warming or not, reducing CO2 or any other emissions cant be bad. Ethanol blended fuels reduce harmful emissions. That is why these fuels get the endorsement of the American Lung Association of the Upper Midwest.

Did you know Henry Ford, a man ahead of his time, clearly thought ethanol would be the fuel of the future? His thoughts are clearly relevant today as we continually search for new ways to increase power while reducing harmful emissions. At Jetz, our E15 offers an 89 octane rating. This means gallon for gallon your car will generate more horsepower with 89 octane E15 than it will with a conventional 87octane gasoline.

Location and store qualities being equal, the number one reason people select one gas station over another is price. I and my family have performed under this rule for nearly 60 years. Though many things have changed and evolved over the years, this rule remains a constant. That said, I am proud to say by offering E15 gasoline we are now able to offer a lower price point. Though gasoline and ethanol markets move separately, ethanol almost always sells for less. Since we blend these two commodities, this allows us to reduce the price of our ethanol blended fuels relative to our conventional gasoline. Since ethanol serves as a competitor to gasoline its use continues to hold the lid on rising gas prices.

Ethanol production is local and is a product of the state of Wisconsin. Our families, friends and neighbors are involved in many ways in the production of ethanol. Chemists, educators, researchers, truckers, bankers, land developers, equipment manufacturers, railroads and gas stations are just some of the few who benefit from this local industry.The ethanol at Jetz is produced from "seed to nozzle" in and around Horicon. Farmers plant seed and through the renewable forces of nature are able to produce high quality nutritious food for human and animal consumption. In addition. they are able to produce a high quality fuel sought after not only in Wisconsin but indeed around the country. Because the production, distribution, transportation and sale of ethanol is local, the dollars you commit to its use remain in your community.


Let's Wrap This up

Providing high quality fuels at the lowest possible price has been the story of my life. Through your continued patronage, four generations of my family have been able to live, work and shop in our great state of Wisconsin. We keep our dollars local and both educate and recreate here. We consider ourselves fortunate to live in such a beautiful and forward thinking state. I am proud to work among a select group of petroleum retailers who will continue to improve the quality of our state for those who reside here as we continue to promote and sell those fuels we believe accomplish this end.


I Wish the best of Rewards to All,



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